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VMware Fusion Brings Windows 11 to Apple Silicon Macs – ENCRYPT VIRTUAL MACHINE IN VMWARE FUSION

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Windows 10 for vmware fusion

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Create a super memorable password. Enter a strong password and remember the password. It is recommended that you use a password that contains at least 8 characters, including uppercase, lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. Confirm your password. Enter your password once again. Then Windows 10 asks you to create three security questions for the user account. Choose privacy settings for your device. Deselect all settings that collect your data and send the data to Microsoft.

Let Cortana help you get things done. Select Not now to disable Cortana. Windows 10 is now installed as the VMware guest operating system. You can see Windows desktop and other elements of the graphical user interface of Windows 10 in the window of VMware Fusion running on macOS.

VMware Tools is a set of drivers and tools developed to improve VM performance and provide better user experience. Read more about VMware Tools in this blog post. Open the autorun or run setup The installation wizard for VMware Tools opens. The welcome screen is displayed first. Hit Next at each step of the wizard to continue. Choose Setup Type. Select Typical the default option that is suitable for most cases.

You can perform the complete installation to install all program features of VMware Tools. Ready to install VMware Tools. Click Install to start the process of VMware Tools installation.

You must restart your system for the VMware Tools configuration changes made to take effect. Shared Folders allow you to copy files from a host OS to a guest OS and vice versa more conveniently. In addition, you can use drag and drop without the need to share folders and configure permissions manually in the operating system. Select the Enable Shared Folders checkbox.

In the bottom of the window, go to a Mirrored Folders section. Here select the checkboxes near macOS user folders that you want to share and provide write access in your guest Windows system. After configuring Shared Folders, you can see a shortcut to the VMware Shared Folders directory created on the Windows desktop of the guest operating system.

The folders stored on the Mac desktop are now displayed on the Windows desktop of the guest OS. VMware Fusion is a powerful virtualization application. With VM snapshots , you can test applications and roll back changes to one of the previous snapshots. If you want to use the default VM configuration for a Windows 10 VM, you can use Easy Install, which requires minimum user interaction, and automatically installs a guest OS.

VMware Fusion is a powerful virtualization application that provides you with a lot of configurable features. Not just that, but you need version 2.

But on a virtual machine? Hopefully, Microsoft has re-enabled the PC Health Check app download too: As I write this, it no longer shows up at the indicated link, but it worked fine 48 hours ago.

Fortunately, both the encryption and TPM install steps are easy if you know what order they need to happen. Then you can get to the Settings in VMware Fusion for this particular virtual machine, which will look like this:. I have a pretty big Windows 10 VM so it took maybe five minutes to complete? Something like that. Once done, a cheery window pops up:. The second step is easier if a bit confusing.

Click on that icon and a window pops up that confusingly talks about what happens if you remove this device:. Yes, super confusing. Mission accomplished. Now, about Windows 11…. Please check out my PC help and my extensive Mac help library for hundreds of useful tutorials and how-to guides. Fantastic article!

I have a related question that I hope you can help me with.


VMware Fusion Player – Personal Use License.Using VMWare Fusion to install Windows 10 on macOS hardware | Getting Help | iSolutions

VMware Fusion is the easiest way to run Windows on a Mac and the ultimate tool for building apps to run on any platform. Start your free day trial, no. Open VMware Fusion in the Launchpad or click the icon in the Dock. In the main window of VMware Fusion, you can see a big area with the text.


Windows 10 for vmware fusion


If your macOS version is older than What is a guest operating system? The difference between host and guest operating systems is that a host OS is installed on the hardware, and a guest OS is running on a virtual machine that uses virtualized hardware. In my case, I have a separate disk partition to store installation files and virtual machines on Mac. You can create a separate partition or create custom folders in your home user folder to store installation files and virtual machines.

In my tutorial, the names of the installation files are:. Boot macOS on your Mac. Locate the VMware Fusion installation file in Finder, and double click this file to open the installer in my case — VMwareFusion Wait until the installer opens. Enter the credentials of your macOS user account to grant administrative privileges to the installer, and hit OK to continue. If the key is valid, the corresponding green icon appears.

You can also enter a license key after finishing the installation in the graphical VMware Fusion user interface.

The macOS security notification messages pop up. Unable to access Accessibility. You should also see a request to enable VMware Fusion notifications. Click Allow because important information may be displayed in notifications when you work with VMware Fusion.

In order to provide VMware Fusion with access, click the lock to make changes in the privacy settings this icon is located in the bottom left corner of the window. Now the privacy settings are unlocked. Select VMware Fusion in the list of allowed apps select the corresponding checkbox. In the main window of VMware Fusion, you can see a big area with the text: Install from disc or image. This is what you need to start creating a virtual machine and installing a guest operating system.

Create a New Virtual Machine. The ISO installation image is already selected after the drag and drop. Otherwise, you cannot continue the configuration of a new VM. Click the Allow button near this message to unlock VMware Fusion and allow the required access. Easy Install requires minimum user interaction during the installation process, but in this case, a user has the lowest level of control. You can enter some settings such as a user name, password, the Windows product key, select the needed language.

Then the entire process of VM creation and guest operating system installation is completed automatically by VMware Fusion. Once the needed option is selected we unselect the Use Easy Install checkbox , click Continue. More Seamless. If you use this option, Mac user folders such as Desktop, Documents, and Downloads are shared between the host OS and guest OS with write permissions for guest Windows users.

The Seamless option provides more convenience, including the ability to use the Unity mode. You should use antivirus software because if a guest OS is infected, the shared files can be corrupted on the host OS and vice versa.

Read about ransomware to learn more. More Isolated. This option is better from the security point of view. User folders are not shared automatically, but you can drag and drop files between the host OS and guest OS without violating the isolation.

You can select one of these two options of Mac integration settings only at the step of creating a virtual machine. Choose Firmware Type. Hit Continue. The configuration of the virtual machine is now complete. Click Customize settings to define the path to store VM files before you click the Finish button.

Select a folder to store your VM files. Note : In VMware Workstation, you can select a folder to store VM configuration files and virtual disk files at different steps of the new VM wizard with the ability to use different folders to store these files. However, in VMware Fusion, all VM files and virtual disks are automatically stored in one selected folder.

VM settings are displayed in a separate window. Select MB of memory and 2 processor cores for a VM to run Windows 10 this configuration may vary.

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Getting help For students For staff News About us. Staff only : copy the WindowsOSkms. This will add a registry key to enable the University’s Windows-client licence management service, and will activate your copy of Windows against it. You will periodically need to re-connect to the University’s VPN to continue to use Windows as the activations need to be re-validated and refreshed periodically every 30 days or so Staff only: Once Windows has successfully activated, you may disconnect the GlobalProtect VPN.

Drag and drop the Windows 10 installation ISO you downloaded from your macOS host onto the “Install from disk or image” dialog, then click “Continue”: Continue through the summary screen: Choose an account name and make sure to give it a secure password 1. Than click “Continue”: Ignore the warning about the missing Product key: Choose your level of Integration.

We recommend “More Isolated” for better security but the choice is ultimately yours depending on how you want to work: Review the summary screen and click “Finish” to start the VM creation process note if you’re an expert user, you can “customise settings” at this stage – for example you can set non-default memory and disk allocation.

Details of this are out of scope of this document and very dependent on your own personal situation : Choose a name and a location to save the files required for the VM creation.

Again we’d recommend using the defaults unless you have a reason not to: Your new Virtual machine will then be created it will take a while When the setup has completed, you’ll see a normal Windows desktop. Was this article helpful?


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