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Parallels Desktop is a user-friendly virtual machine app that allows you to run Windows from within your macOS desktop. Parallels has two modes: Coherence mode allows you to hide the Windows interface while continuing to use Windows apps from your macOS desktop. Version 16, the latest release at the time of writing, is compatible with all versions of macOS including Big Sur. It has many convenient features, such as sharing printers between macOS and Windows, zooming and rotating using multi-touch gestures, and DirectX and OpenGL 3.

However, keep in mind that if you want to activate your copy of Windows, you still need to purchase a Windows license for the VM. Crossover is an app developed by Codeweavers. It uses the Wine open source software to run Windows apps right from your Mac desktop without the need for a virtual machine. Overall, Crossover is an excellent, budget-friendly solution if you just need to run Windows apps without recreating the whole Windows operating system.

Now you know which virtual machine apps for Mac are your best choices. Want to run multiple OSes on one machine? Here’s how to decide if a virtual machine or dual-booting is right for you. Nicole has been a freelance writer and IT systems administrator for 12 years.

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How to Make a Bar Graph in Excel. As you already know what exactly the Virtual Machine is. Basically you can add one more Operating System to existing one. The best alternative to VM software is using the other way without complete setup of OS. Suppose if you need to use only productivity apps, games that run on Windows then you can use the integrated software without going for the VM software.

We have listed this on 5th place and if you are interested you can try if. If you are looking for the best solution then go for Parallels Desktop without any second thought. Definitely, a thumbs up to its great features and ease of usage.

Good User Experience, super fast speed, quick in file transferring, and lot more it offers. Parallels Desktop is available in the different licenses. Our reader gets a special discount on the purchase of Parallels Desktop. You can easily run Windows on your Mac and other hundreds of OS with more productivity, better security, and Agile.

For Business users, VMware provides a powerful and secure desktop with better access to the application of the different OS. Pro version includes some additional features such as create linked clones, connect to vSphere.

You can get the best price for VMware Fusion. VirtualBox from Oracle is another powerful tool in Virtual Machine category. It is well defined for home as well as enterprise-level users. It is free software which is compatible with your Mac. We found VirtualBox little outdated but if you are looking for a freeware then definitely you must try this.

Let us have a quick check on the features it offers. Oracle VM VirtualBox provides you with a completely free version for both home and enterprise usage. At a first look, QEMU is looking like an advanced, lightweight, easy setup option. It has decent emulation speed as it uses dynamic translation. Just hit the Download option and follow instructions to install it on your Mac.



– The 5 Best Virtual Machine Apps for Mac (Great for Running Windows)

File Size:. With a virtual machine, you can use Windows apps or those on other platforms on your Mac without needing to purchase a second computer. The advantage however is that Boot Camp is completely free whereas Parallels is only free for 14 days.


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