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The Onion is an American digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes satirical articles on international, national, and local news. The company is based in Chicago but originated as a weekly print publication on August 29, in Madison, Wisconsin. In , they began publishing satirical news audio and video online as the Onion News Network.

In , The Onion ceased publishing its print edition and launched Onion Labs, an advertising agency. The Onion ‘ s articles cover current events, both real and fictional, parodying the tone and format of traditional news organizations with stories, editorials, and man-on-the-street interviews using a traditional news website layout and an editorial voice modeled after that of the Associated Press.

The publication’s humor often depends on presenting mundane, everyday events as newsworthy, surreal, or alarming, such as “Rotation Of Earth Plunges Entire North American Continent Into Darkness”. The Onion also runs The A. Club , an entertainment and pop culture publication founded in that contains interviews and reviews of newly released media and other weekly features. The Onion previously ran ClickHole , a satirical website founded in which parodies clickbait websites such as BuzzFeed and Upworthy , before Clickhole was acquired by Cards Against Humanity in February Literally that his uncle said he should call it The Onion when he saw him and Chris Johnson eating an onion sandwich.

They had literally just cut up the onion and put it on bread. Bolton called Mills’s account “the dumbest explanation” and asserted that it is likely wrong. According to Bolton, the most plausible explanation is that The Onion was mocking a campus newsletter called The Union.

In its earlier years, The Onion was successful in a number of university locations e. The publication primarily consisted of a mix of Dikkers’s cartoons, Spy magazine-like satire, and short fiction. The bottom three inches were reserved as ad space for coupons that were typically purchased by local, student-centered or inexpensive establishments, such as eateries and video rental stores.

The June 16, , issue of The Daily Iowan ran a profile of Dikkers, in which it stated that “Dikkers still lives in Madison, spending about five hours a week on Jim’s Journal and the rest of the time as co-owner of a satirical newspaper called The Onion “.

In a interview with U. Magazine , Dikkers discussed Onion, Inc. With a pilot and the first two episodes in post-production, Dikkers said, “I think what sets us apart is we’ve intentionally formed a tightly knit group of funny performers. A lot of these other shows are created by year-olds, written by year-olds and performed by year-olds”.

Smigel said that after being introduced to The Onion by Bob Odenkirk a year earlier, “it jumped out at me as something completely original and great, and I really wanted to use it on the show”. Although four fake news segments anchored by Stephen Colbert were recorded, only one of the segments actually aired.

In , when it was still only a print newspaper, an Onion article titled “Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia” was widely disseminated online without attribution, [26] spurring the creation of The Onion ‘ s official website theonion. So it’s a combination of students and pretty impressive people. I get the feeling that the print version is read by people hanging out in bars”.

While the minute pilot, which was completed in , was never picked up as a series for production, its creation led to steady writing work for Karlin and other former Onion staffers, such as writing some episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast on the Cartoon Network. In the wake of Karlin’s departure, Siegel [32] assumed the publication’s duties as editor of the publication. The titular “Virtual Bill” character was a quasi-realistic CGI version of Bill Clinton created by studio Protozoa who introduced music videos and told jokes written by the staff of The Onion.

The voice of Virtual Bill was provided by then editor Dikkers. After the initial premiere, Virtual Bill returned to MTV on December 17, , with another TV special and an interactive web special produced by Pulse that ported the 3D data into a web compatible format using Pulse’s proprietary plug-in. I came to New York. Jon and I connected. It was kind of like a slightly awkward, but successful, first date. When I got back to Los Angeles, they offered me the head writer job”.

From March 3—7, , writers and editors of The Onion attended U. The book featured mocked-up newspaper front pages from the entire 20th century, presented under the premise that the publication had been continuously in print since before In April , DreamWorks Studios optioned two stories from the satirical newspaper, “Canadian Girlfriend Unsubstantiated”—which was to be written by former Onion editor and writer Rich Dahm—and “Tenth Circle Added to Rapidly Growing Hell” with an eye toward producing the latter as a family comedy.

I mean, what are they going to do? Add a sickly-but-adorable moppet? Beginning in the fall of to early , the company relocated its editorial offices from Madison, Wisconsin, to a renovated warehouse in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan New York City to raise The Onion ‘ s profile, expand the publication from being simply a humor newspaper into a full production company, as well as develop editorial content in other media—including books, television and movies—and engage more directly with Internet companies as far as advertising revenue goes.

In February , Miramax Films head Harvey Weinstein announced they had reached a first look agreement to develop scripts and features with The Onion. The popularity, and critical praise, of the issue resulted in The Onion ‘ s website’s online traffic nearly doubling in the weeks following the attacks. In November , a humorous op-ed piece in The Onion that was satirically bylined by filmmaker Michael Bay titled “Those Chechen Rebels Stole My Idea” [70] was removed from the site without explanation.

Entertainment industry trade magazine Variety theorized, “It’s not clear if Bay—a frequent object of The Onion ‘ s satire—requested the move. The sale was a process that had been in the works since July and according to a memo from then owner Haise, “[Schafer] understands our quirky company and knows that we need some time to get to a higher level of operations and sales. Buying it was a bit of a shot in the dark, but we felt we could get a handle on it.

In , The Onion launched a YouTube channel, which was structured as a parody of modern American television news programs. In Carol Kolb became the head writer of the Onion News Network with the role of the publication’s editor being taken over by writer Joe Randazzo. Randazzo first became a writer for The Onion in and—in his role as an editor—became the first editor of the publication that had no connection to The Onion during the publication’s initial Madison, Wisconsin, era.

In November , The Onion released Our Front Pages: 21 Years of Greatness, Virtue, and Moral Rectitude From America’s Finest News Source which was notable in not only compiling dozens of front pages from the publication’s history as a news parody but also showcasing front pages from the publication’s early, more casual campus humor focused era during the s when the publication featured headlines such as, “Depressed?

Try Liposuction on that Pesky Head. In July , various news outlets began reporting rumors of an impending sale of The Onion with further details of the sale to be made on Monday, July 20, Herman Zweibel stating he’d sold the publication to a Chinese company—Yu Wan Mei Corporation—resulting in a week-long series of Chinese-related articles and features throughout the publication’s website and print editions.

We are, in fact, still a solvent independently owned American company. In September , it was announced that The Onion would move its entire editorial operation to Chicago by the summer of The news of the move left many of the writers—who moved with the publication from Madison to New York City in —”blindsided”, putting them in a position to decide whether to uproot themselves from New York City and follow the publication to Chicago, which was already home to the company’s corporate headquarters.

At a comedy show on September 27, , then editor Joe Randazzo announced that he would not be joining the staff in Chicago. With the publication’s core editorial staff now based in Chicago, in March Cole Bolton—a Brown University graduate of business economics, former associate economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and research associate at Harvard Business School [] [] —was named the new editor-in-chief of The Onion.

Additionally, in March more insight into the internal issues surrounding the Chicago move—including an attempt made by the writers to find a new owner—are explored by articles in The Atlantic Wire [] and New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer.

The Onion has always thrived on the youngest, greenest people. In August , it was announced that a group of former The Onion writers had teamed up with Adult Swim to create comedy content on a website called Thing X.

According to the comedy website Splitsider , ” The Onion writers had nothing else going on, and AdultSwim. But only because they smelled a business opportunity. Adult Swim is just looking at it from a business standpoint.

In , The Onion received an email from Michael Cohen claiming that an article published about Donald Trump was defamation , and demanded that it be removed with an apology.

In June , The Onion launched the spinoff website ClickHole , which satirizes and parodies so-called ” clickbait ” websites such as BuzzFeed and Upworthy that capitalize on viral content to drive traffic. In November , Bloomberg News reported that The Onion had hired a financial adviser for a possible sale. Our advisors will continue to have those conversations and, hopefully, they will lead to the right outcome.

Club centered on celebrity culture—was launched. We have less demand for a ton of new content for a brand. There’s demand, but we just overestimated what the demand is. McAvoy said in a memo to staff. To the basement you go, Pulitzers. In September , the site’s editor-in-chief Cole Bolton and executive editor Ben Berkley were stepped down from their posts.

The departures were partially due to disagreements about the direction the site was taking under the ownership of Univision. Club were reported. As stated an official Univision press release on the topic, “Univision Communications Inc. Club , and Clickhole —from Univision for an undisclosed amount. During The Onion print edition’s year run—from the publication’s initial creation in to the end of the print edition in —it was distributed for free in various cities across the United States and Canada as well as via paid mail order subscription to subscribers around the world.

By the time the print edition of The Onion ceased publication in December , it was only available in Chicago, Milwaukee and Providence. At its peak, The Onion had a print circulation of about , while the publication’s websites brought in more than 10 million unique monthly visitors.

Below is a list of all of the cities in which The Onion was distributed freely at different points from to As of , the current editor of The Onion is Chad Nackers. Since the first publication of Our Dumb Century in , The Onion has produced various books that often compile already produced material into collected volumes.

It is also not the first time Onion, Inc. Club Philadelphia city editor Emily Guendelsberger was the victim of an attack and—according to the Philadelphia Daily News —her job did not provide health insurance to cover hospital bills. According to the WGA, Onion News Network was the only scripted, live-action program that had employed non-union writers. After the show’s cancellation, a pilot for a new comedy series titled Onion News Empire premiered on Amazon.

The pilot was one of several candidates for production on Amazon, but was not ultimately selected. In , The Onion launched a series of YouTube videos produced by its ‘Onion Digital Studios’ division, funded in part by a grant from YouTube and exclusive to the site.

In , New Regency Productions took over the production of the troubled project. After two years of being in limbo , the film was released directly on DVD on June 3, Upon its release it was credited as being directed under the pseudonym of James Kleiner but is still directed by Kuntz and Maguire.

Schafer with regards to a missing ” Executive Producer ” credit on the failed film. As stated in the lawsuit, “Onion, Inc. The core voice of the podcast was that of a fictional newsreader named “Doyle Redland” who was voiced by Pete S. It was released in six parts and parodies other true crime podcasts such as Serial and My Favorite Murder.

On January 16, , The Onion expanded its podcast formula to include The Topical , a news podcast which parodies the style and format of NPR drive-time news broadcasts.


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